Single channel video, black and white, sound, 4 min 55 sec, 2018

The main shooting location of the work was selected at Sertar Wuming Buddhist College in Tibetan areas of Sichuan. Overlapping the fireworks with the background picture, Shen’s work examines pressing issues related to human and non-human existence in the urbanization of China. Although ANICCA employs the black and white as the keynote of the entire work ——in addition to the colorful fireworks superimposed on the background ——its existence nevertheless highlights the artist’s reflection on the continuity of traditional Buddhist culture throughout the urbanization process. What the artist is concerned about is, resources, architecture, utensils, body, and even hair are experiencing the demise every second, while the existence of the new appearance of human intervention caused by the rapid development of urbanization can become the next eternal ephemeral?

该短片的主要拍摄地选取在中国四川藏区的色达五明佛学院,通过将花火与背景画面的叠加,沈的作品探讨了关于在中国城市化变迁中人类与非人类存在的紧迫性问题。虽然ANICCA采用了黑白形式作为整部作品的基调 ——除了叠加在背景上的彩色花火——但是它的存在也彰显了艺术家对于整个城市化变迁过程当中对于佛教传统文化延续性问题的反思。在艺术家眼中,资源、建筑、器具、身体、甚至是毛发,每一秒都在经历着消亡,而城市化的快速发展所带来的人为干预的新面貌的出现,又是否成为了下一个“永恒”的短暂?